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case study; streaming the UK's first social value summit

imediasee is a UK based web video agency specialising in live HD video production and live streaming

As a member of BAFTA's sustainability scheme 'ALBERT' we are helping clients to broadcast in a new way.  Having the ability to live broadcast over the internet from anywhere creates endless opportunities for our clients to make a memorable impact to a global audience.


By having a streaming partner that believes passionately in sustainability helps to reduce the carbon footprint of an event by the reduction of travel miles. This also has substantial cost saving benefits.


We provide our clients with a breakdown of the carbon usage and savings by broadcasting using our system. If you can't measure it you cant improve it.

See how we are helping to measure the carbon footprint of an event, or call us to find out more.





Imediasee has been the broadcaster for the Social Value Summit over the past two years. The Summit, organised by Social Enterprise UK, brings together business leaders, politicians and NGOs to review best practice and the operation of the Social Value Act and developing the concept of adding  a social benefit to business activities.


This year brought the additional challenge of globally live broadcasting five simultaneous streams from the conference. Over the course of the summit we were able to help our clients significantly reduce their carbon footprint and improve engagement and communication with clients and colleagues.

We were able to save 78.49 tonnes CO2e by streaming globally, with viewers from nine different countries avoiding time-consuming, costly and energy depleting travel arrangements.’


social value summit CO2 footprint report


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