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streaming the UK's first social value summit

imediasee is a UK based web video agency specialising in live HD video production and live streaming

Imediasee the live internet broadcast division of Hereford-Based Bubble Production was appointed the broadcaster for the Social Value Summit to be held at Dartington Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

The Summit, organised by Social Enterprise UK, brought together business leaders, politicians and NGOs to review the first 12 months' operation of the Social Value act and prepare a White Paper for future development of the concept designed to add a social benefit to business activities.


"At Bubble Production we are delighted to have been asked to help publicise and promote this crucial development in the way Britain's businesses operate to bring benefit to their communities, using our Satstream product" - said Managaing Director, Graham Essenhigh.


"We are early adopters of Bafta's Sustainability Project. As a rural-based business, we are acutely aware of the benefits sustainability and social value can bring to communities like ours. Over the past few months, we have been able to help our clients significantly reduce their carbon footprint and improve engagement and communication with clients and colleagues. As well as LIVE streaming the summit, we are looking forward to learning even more about what we can do to help our clients and ourselves operate sustainably and bring about more social value benefit to our communities."

We were able to save 78.49 tonnes CO2e by streaming globally, with viewers from nine different countries avoiding time consuming, costly and energy depleting travel arrangements.



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